Apprentices, training, interns and visiting technicians.

Jenkin Piano Service has over the last 25 years trained seven New Zealand tuner technicians and is currently the only place in New Zealand that provides a structured apprenticeship programme for piano tuners and technicians.

Veronica Tang reshaping hammers

Ryoji Yamaguchi and Teruyuki Kanbayashi interns January 2015 with Yuji and David

Our current apprentice is Veronica Tang.

Music has been a part of Veronica's life since she was very young. Playing the piano, accompanying school choirs,  playing the french horn in chamber groups and winning prizes in Piano and Vocal at Hong Kong Music festivals.

While studying for her degree in Music Education ( 2009) she was a church organist and  conducted church choirs. After graduation she worked in MusicCenters and Schools conducting choirs, teaching piano, choral singing and music theory.  Between 2008  and 2011 she was the Examination executive for Trinity College London for Hong Kong, Macau and China.   

In New Zealand from 2012 Veronica has worked as a piano teacher and for Trinity College London. She commenced training as a piano Tuner Technician in 2014 and continues to perform and accompany and further her performance piano studies.    

Our former apprentices:

  • Michael Ashby
  • Anthony Shaw
  • David Salmon
  • Kirsten Henderson
  • Andrew McDonald
  • Benjamin Taylor
  • Mokie Lee 



We have provied workshop expereience and intern training for several New Zealand Piano tuners.

We assisted the Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild with writing a comprehensive training scheme and David continues to act for the APTTA in finding support and funding for piano tuner training in Australia and New Zealand.

Steinway Hamburg has twice permitted their apprentices to complete the workplace experience component of their training with us.

We have provided advanced training and workshop expereience for technicians from Japan. Husband and wife team, Shiho and Keisuke Shimizu and Ryoji Yamaguchi and Teruyuki Kanbayashi